It’s Time to Calm Down, a Trump Presidency Isn’t the End

Ok so my facebook is overrun with sad posts about how trump got elected and how stupid and racist America is, so I’m going to provide some counterbalance. Look I don’t like Trump, the man has said and done a lot of stupid and reprehensible things. However that doesn’t necessarily translate to bad leadership, many famous leaders throughout history have said and done a lot of stupid and reprehensible things and come out to rule and lead pretty effectively. And while many fear Trump’s unpredictability, I see that as opportunity for something new, and I do think we need something new.

Hillary on the other hand is a known quantity but she’s known for not being good. She may not appear dumb or racist or whatever adjective you’d like to attack Trump with, but she’s clearly a dishonest, suspicious leader who thinks very little of the average American. This isn’t just about her emails, or Benghazi or whatever else Fox News slams her on, this is about a pattern of behavior that makes her look corrupt as shit to many voters. And her policies are no better. Continuing Obama’s policies is a bad decision politically and a disaster in the making with regards to foreign policy and the economy.

I know plenty of people like Obama for being a progressive, well spoken and humanitarian president but he sucks at politics. His Iran deal was poorly made, even Patrick Murphy of Florida, a guy I did a ton of work on for being an inexperienced do-nothing candidate came up with a few tweeks that would’ve made the deal more effective. Obamacare premiums are rising fast and it appears they will only get worse, and I’ve heard a lot of people from the left talking about how bad the premium increases are for their daily lives. Our foreign policy and his “lead from behind” philosophy is a joke, it’s made our allies uncertain of our intentions, weakened our response to enemy threats and emboldened other powers like Russia to make power plays on the global stage.

Moreover Obama overused the executive orders, allowing him to force his policies through in a way which not only sets a bad precedent but goes against the very spirit of our democracy. On the plus side this means many of Obama’s policies can be undone with ease, but the last thing we need is for Trump and the presidents who follow to start cranking out executive orders left and right to see their goals realized. And last of all, understand for as many people want Obama’s policies continued far more people want them reversed for all kinds of reasons.

People typically want change after eight years, Bush had his eight and people wanted new so Obama won, Obama had his eight and now people want something new and Hillary is decidedly not new. Her loss should not have been a big shock. Moreover government as it currently exists, with big political clans and people who stay in office for decades on both sides of the aisle, has become something easy to lose faith in. You wouldn’t believe how many bonuses, benefits and covered expenses politicians have to help make their wallets fatter, and I’m not even talking about the federal big shots, city council men from middle of nowhere California have stupidly lucrative opportunities in politics, opportunities we the taxpayers are paying for even as we the taxpayers are struggling more and more to make ends meet.

As for everyone decrying the loss of all social progress and the rise of the alt-right, calm the fuck down. Trump is not alt-right, especially not on social issues. If anything Democrats should be relieved that Trump is a moderate on social issues, because he’s far more open to gay marriage and abortion than the typical Republican party leader would be. Another thing to consider is that maybe the progressive social policies of the last eight years are too much too fast. I think social progress is good but right now a lot of people are still getting used to certain minorities especially the LGBT community. And sure some people will never get used to those minorities or other minorities, but for those who will, and I think that’s majority especially as younger voters who grew up in a world where these peoples are more socially accepted than in the decades prior come into the mix, an aggressive agenda may backfire. For many right now it can seem like the liberal agenda is being crammed down our throats between the Supreme Court, Obama’s executive orders and the explosion of left leaning social media. And as American’s we hate having other agendas shoved down our throats.

This might seem like cruel and backwards advice to progressives and the minorities, but give it time. Huge social shifts take time but they do come, and they’re coming much faster than they used to. I know America can look racist and backward to those fighting on the farthest edge of the left for the most aggressive social progress (though in fairness the mostly liberal media and the stupidly polarized nature of American politics plays a big role here), but America is gradually moving forward and thanks to social media, the internet and the accumulated social progress achieved thus far, that progress will come faster, so be patient. This is not a call to stop fighting it’s a call to slow down, relax the burning rhetoric, control the social media better to make it seem less like an onslaught to others and just generally be more open and accepting of the people who haven’t come to terms with you and you’re agenda yet. Because frankly as much as the right gets called narrow minded and uninclusive the far left can be just as bad if not worse to those who won’t accept their agenda.

Last but not least, not all of Trump is bad. He may say ridiculous things like we’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it but that won’t happen. Instead his economic plan is much more likely to happen and his economic plan is solid. After a decade and half of policies meant to to make business less profitable here in America, and current calls for wage increases like that’ll fix the fucking problem when it just exacerbates it, Trump’s plan will bring jobs back. Businesses need profits and when they have them, they generate enormous tax revenue. Intense regulations, Obamacare and other liberal goals have scared businesses away. By making business here less expensive and placing tariffs on those who ship their jobs overseas, Trump’s plan is inviting business back into America and our economy will thank him for it. The world is experiencing the growing pains of globalization right now, and until we adapt to the global market in ways that don’t cause us to lose millions of jobs and see the median income plummet, we need a strong America-first economy. And raising taxes won’t work, I live in California where taxes are high and our debt just gets worse because the government keeps spending the money no matter how much money we give them, you know in addition to scaring tons of business away thanks to being one of the most heavily regulated states in America.

Look I know people are saying this is the end and America is a land of racists, but have some hope. When the election settles down and the poison of the campaign trail is drained, I think we have an excellent chance of seeing some of the improvements we need. Yes if you’re on the left times look much bleaker, but consider how we on the right felt when Obama was pushing your agenda relentlessly forward and it seemed like we had no voice. What I hope this election shows everyone is that the direction our political system has gone is ass-backwards. Fuck polarized, uncompromising parties who never get anything done, we need people who better bridge the gap by not being far right or far left, and Trump despite how he’s portrayed is more of a moderate than he’s given credit for. So have hope, it could be a brighter four years than you realize.