Regarding Religion

I am an atheist and I have been since about 8th grade or so (I’m now in my twenties).  Like many Americans I was raised as a Protestant Christian, specifically a Presbyterian though our local church was always fairly non-denominational in spirit and it later became a non-denomination church.  I did not stop being religious because I dislike Christianity, on the contrary of all the major religions I think Christianity is objectively the best religion and the only real competition is from Buddhism.  Two things drove me from faith, a dry spell where I watched way too much Stargate which basically ascribed all gods to alien lifeforms, and one particular Sunday School lesson where the youth minister laid out the following hypothetical: You can be a good Christian your whole life and if you believe Jesus is the savior then you will go to Heaven, someone else can spend their whole life ignoring Christian values (I’m paraphrasing what was actually said) and so long as they believe Jesus is the savior they too will get into Heaven.  This really rubbed me the wrong way because, me being a tween, I thought it was unfair.  In retrospect though the reason I became an atheist after hearing that lesson is because I thought it taught the wrong message.

Christian values, like charity, are good values and Christian morals are good morals.  I still believe that and do my best to keep those values in my life.  But that Sunday school lesson seemed to teach what I consider to be the worst lesson a Christian can teach – that it’s ok to ignore the values and morals of Christianity so long as you ascribe to the purely esoteric rules of faith, i.e. the rules which have no impact on your daily life.  I still find it baffling that our youth minister gave that lesson because it is so counter-productive to me.  We should be teaching people Christian values.

I remember once seeing a stupid anti-religious meme on the internet about the difference in how people are described by Christianity and science.  The meme ascribed words like flawed, broken, sinful and so on to Christianity and words like limitless potential to science.  It was stupid and silly and it bothers me.  It bothers me because the reason Christianity describes humans the way it does is not to put them down as the meme implied to but to teach humility, another important value.  At it’s core, with regards to daily life, Christianity is all about self improvement, the rules and morals ascribed in Christian works are a guideline to being a better person, at least according to Judeo-Christian ideas of what a good person is, and being mindful of our flaws aka humility is central to this process.  And the idiot atheists who made that meme missed the fucking point.  That may not be their fault, they might not have ever been exposed to Christian teachings.  But I find far too many atheists are adversarial against faith, most notably Christianity as I will explain later, while in fact participating in a faith of their own – they just replace God with science and believe science will someday reach a point when we can explain everything.

I don’t share that sentiment.  I may not believe in God but I do firmly believe that there will always be mysteries beyond our reach.  Because I don’t really care about the esoteric stuff, I care about the way I live my life, and whatever my failings, I want to improve and to continue to be a good person to the best of my ability.  Because that what I think the greatest value of faith is, a guideline to being a better person.  With that in mind I want to explain why Christianity is good and why Islam is a terrible religion.  TRIGGER WARNING: Islamophobia incoming.

Getting back to the end of the paragraph before last, I said Christianity is bashed by atheists far more than any other religion.  I said that because A – atheists are most numerous in Western countries and they have less knowledge about non-Christian religions and B – due to their location many atheists are progressive types and progressives can’t attack Islam.  This of course is the most retarded thing about progressives and atheists alike, they will slam Christians and Christianity for things like not approving of gay marriage but won’t attack Islam even after an Islamic regime puts a bunch of gays in an internment camp.  Why?  The full answer includes a lot of insane logical gymnastics but the basics are that Christianity is the dominant religion where these people live and it’s seen as safe to attack because it’s associated with the white supremacist patriarchy that apparently runs our western democratic republic that had a black president in office this time last year (Oct 2016).  Also these people are morons who seem to think gay marriage and abortion rights are more important than things like the freedom to be gay without being killed.  I swear to the God I don’t believe in that these are the dumbest people alive.

This brings me to Islam, the worst religion of the modern day.  This is actually another problem, a lot of anti-Christians will try and paint Christianity as evil for because of things Christians did in the past or using Bible passages which mention slaves or other outdated ideas which in no way reflect Christianity as it is practiced today.  To which I say who gives a fuck, Christianity had it’s Reformation half a millennia ago, why are you attacking it on grounds which are no longer relevant?  And even if you did somehow justify this approach of judging religions on their past forms and actions Islam is still worse.  The Crusades, those lasted a few centuries.  Islamic empires were aggressively expansionist centuries before the Crusades and remained that way after the Crusades were over.  Islamic armies killed and enslaved far more than their wicked Christian counterparts did in the past.

What really matters though is the present condition of both religions.  Christianity is a largely tolerant religion and even in cases where it isn’t, like gay marriage, it has no power over the state.  About the worst thing you can accurately ascribe to Christian thought is that they might declare LGBTQ+ people as unnatural or sick.  Islam is a totally different story.  Islam is a supremacist religion which promotes sharia law, jihad, raping non-Muslim women and forming child grooming gangs, child brides, honor killings (where Muslim families kill their own daughters for not being suitably submissive or faithful to Islam), female genital mutilation, polygamy, real patriarchy (not the kind ascribed to Western nations which only have established gender roles – which are changing as I type this), the killing of gays and adulterers, preventing women from leaving the house unaccompanied by a male guardian, preventing women from driving, preventing Islamic women from marrying non-Islamic men and the killing of Muslim apostates.  Now some of these things vary by region, for example Saudia Arabia now lets women drive and Tunisia, a moderate Islamic nation, just let Islamic women marry non-Muslims.  Also I don’t want to imply that the majority of Muslims necessarily do all or any of these things, a sizable minority do but “not all Muslims.”

However what’s really scary is how permissive of these things everyday Muslims are.  In Egypt for example upwards of 80% of the population supports killing gays.  That doesn’t mean 80% of people do the killing but the vast majority of the populace approves when the killing happens.  Many Muslim countries have between 60% and 70% of the population supporting the worst practices of Islam.  Even in Western countries it’s not unheard of for 40% of Muslims to approve of some of Islam’s most backward practices and ideas.  Then we get to terrorism.  Name a Christian terror group.  Odds are you can’t, the only one I know of is in Africa and I’m blanking on the name.  By comparison Islam has Al-Nusra, ISIS, Al Quaida, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, the Taliban and the Tamil Tigers, which cover all of the Middle East, parts of Indonesia and Western Africa.  And those are just the ones I know off the top of my head, I know for a fact the list would be longer if I bothered to look, because I have before.

What I’m trying to say is that when you look at the data, the facts, and compare the results of Islam and the results of Christianity it’s not even remotely a contest.  Islam and the nations where it is the majority religion are both riddled with problems,most notably violence.  The most common complaint against Christianity on the other hand is that it’s not accepting enough of gay people.  I don’t think Christianity is perfect, I think in some cases Christian ideas have led to problems like how woefully inadequate American sex education is, and I’m talking about fucking not genders (there are only two it’s science and the few exceptions are vanishingly rare like when you end up with XXY chromosomes).  That being said Christianity has valuable lessons for anyone willing to listen and it can hardly be called a violent or oppressive force in the world.


Death to Islam! Why Islam needs a Reformation

Fuck Islam.  Islam is the worst religion on planet Earth no matter how many liberal apologists claim it’s a religion of peace or how Mohammad was the first feminist or environmental activist.  They are full of shit because Islam is, to a far greater degree than any other religion in the modern world, a religion of violence.

This goes beyond terrorism which admittedly is carried out by a small percentage of Muslims.  This is about cultural and religious attitudes that allow many Muslims to think it’s ok to behave like absolute monsters to non-Muslims, hell even to other Muslims that they disagree with.  Unlike Christianity, or Buddhism or Hinduism, Islam is a supremacist religion.  Many Muslims believe that because they are Muslims they are better than non-Muslims and that means it’s ok to be demonstrably evil and bestial when dealing with non-Muslims – though again the same kind of behavior is often applied to Muslims of other sects because Islam is a religion of conflict like no other.

Seriously can you think of a religion with as long and storied a history of violence as Islam?  Because I can’t.  What about the Crusades you say?  Yeah that was a series of wars covering a couple centuries, Muslims were constantly conquering peoples in North Africa, the Middle East, India, and multiple areas in Europe (Balkans and Spain) for roughly 1000 straight years.  Muslim expansion only stopped because the Turks, who were the last great standard bearer of Muslim expansion finally slowed down and weakened while Europe industrialized and started throwing it’s weight around.  And thank God they did because they went on to spread industrialization and Christian values around the globe and Christianity is an objectively better religion than Islam.

I say this as an atheist by the way, I’m not a fervent believer in Christ.  I do however have a deep appreciation for the moral values which Christianity teaches because they are good values and they don’t produce widespread violence, terrorism or persecution of the non-believer.  Islam does all these things.  In fact Christians often persevere in spreading their religion and values, in the non-Western world, in the face of those things.  And my heart goes out to them, they are doing good work because Christian values are good values.  The last time Christians fought each other over religion was 1600 and 1700’s, religious persecution is a thing of the past.  By comparison Islamic religious persecution, of both non-Muslims and Muslims of different sects, continues with alarming regularity.

Think for a minute about Muslim terrorism.  About how many terrorist groups are there and how widespread they are.  In Syria and Iraq we have ISIS, in Palestine we have Hezbollah, in Afghanistan we have the Taliban, elsewhere in the Middle East we have Al-Nusra and Al-Quaida, in Indonesia we have the Tamil Tigers, in West Africa there’s Boko Haram.  Those are all the ones I can remember OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD – imagine how many more there actually are.  By comparison I knew of no active Christian terrorist groups until someone pointed me towards the Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa – which is a continent so rife with violence that I suspect the LRA is born more of the nature of its surroundings than religious extremism.  So far that’s a 7 to 1 difference between Islam and Christianity with regards to terror groups – and if gave the Islam the same treatment and actually looked up terror groups I’ve no doubt that difference would widen considerably.

But like I said above this isn’t just about terrorism though.  This is about grooming gangs, gang rapes, the mass sexual assault in Cologne, the skyrocketing rate of sex crimes in Europe coming disproportionately from Muslim immigrants and migrants, the disproportionate amount of crime in general coming from Muslims in Europe, Middle Eastern tribal courts which often ascribe revenge rape on a women as a punishment for their husband’s or borthers’ crimes, honor killings (where Muslim families can and do kill their OWN CHILDREN for not being good enough Muslims), the execution of gays, the stoning of adulterers, the serious oppression of Muslim women, the persecution of non-Muslims including local ethnic groups like the Kurds, the deeply ingrained anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu attitudes of Islam and the violence that results because of it – the list of problems with Islam goes on and on and on and on.

If there was ever a case to be made that we should suppress or ban a religion then Islam is the prime example.  It is the worst religion known to man.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Islam is not all violence and evil it has plenty of good message mixed in the bad.  What Islam needs is its own Reformation, it needs to adapt to the modern world and do away with all notions of Islamic supremacy.  What moderate, modern Muslims need – and to an extent what the world needs as the world would benefit from it – is to reform Islam.  It needs to brought out of the Dark Ages when it was formed and be reforged for the modern era.  It needs to – to the best of it’s ability anyway – actually become the religion of peace so many apologists claim it is.  This will not end Islamic violence, certainly not in the short term and maybe never given how awful some strands of Islam are.  But it would be a step in the right direction and it might give young Muslims who are unsure of their faith and what to do somewhere less violent to turn to, and in the long term a Reformation would bring about a serious reduction in Muslim violence.

Imagine if instead of banding together to defend Islam whenever a Muslim is caught being a monster, the wider Muslim community openly reviled the bastard and called for him (because let’s face it Islamic men are the main problem) to face justice instead of apologizing for Islam and crying Islamophobia.  Imagine if cops could do their jobs properly and crack down on criminal Muslims without the fear of being labeled racists by lots of people.  That would be a better world and it’s one everyone – besides the piece of shit Muslims who are the problem I’ve been discussing this entire time – would benefit from.  Fuck Islam as it currently exists – the world needs an updated version and Muslims have to bring about this change.  In the mean time I say it’s time we stop worrying about being called racists and Islamophobes  and come down on criminal Muslims like a ton of bricks because who the fuck cares what Progressives call you – they toss out terrible insults like it’s cheap coin and as result these insults mean nothing.  Hell these days the people being called Nazis are often BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING PEOPLE than the ones calling them Nazis.  What a world we live in right?

The Dangers of Narratives

I love stories.  I love fantasy.  I love fiction.  I spend a a lot of time consuming, analyzing and even writing my own narratives.  Narratives are important to me, and given their prevalence in cultures across the globe, to humanity as well.  We love our stories.  But narratives are just what I described, they are fantasy and fiction.  It’s not uncommon for a narrative to be created out of real events or out of a real person’s life and deeds, but there is no story guiding those events or people.  These narrative subjects are the result of human agency and natural phenomena.  This is to say that narratives do not exist in reality, certainly not as concrete entities, and therefore trying to use a narrative to justify your ideology and behavior, particularly reprehensible behavior, is nothing short of lunacy.

This is of course one my main problem with Progressives.  They have a narrative backing to their ideology and by God do they stick to it.  The Progressive Narrative however doesn’t actually exist and it’s a problem because it colors the way these people see the world, and by extension how they interact with the world.  For example, blaming everything on white men.  There are so many problems with this assertion, one which is central to the Progressive Narrative and something they repeat with the mindless dogmatic fanaticism that ought to be reserved for fictional characters trying to play a trope, that I hardly know where to begin.  But if I had to start somewhere it’s that there is no such thing as “the white man.”  Yes there are men who have white skin and there is a “white” Caucasian skull type, one of four major skull types discussed in forensics.  But it doesn’t matter because as soon as you make a claim about white men I can and will point to numerous exceptions to the rule you’ve proposed.

For example, “white men are awful because the Transatlantic slave trade.”  Sure there were some awful white men involved in that.  But what about the Balkan Slavs?  Do they count?  Because they didn’t have great imperialist empires or much, if any, stake in the slave trade.  Should they still be thrown under the bus for it?  What about the white men who ended the slave trade in various European nations, do they count as bad white men too?  Because it seems like they fixed the problem and thus should be praised for doing so rather than being accused of being just as bad as the slavers.  What about white slaves, are they evil white men?  Slavery as an institution predates the Transatlantic slave trade by thousands of years and many white men were traded as slaves by various powerful countries, some of them white and some of them Muslim.  In fact the word slave comes from Slav, because at one point so many Slavs were being taken as slaves by the powers that be.  Not to mention that no one alive today was involved in the slave trade, why should I feel guilty about what one of my ancestors did hundreds of years ago and what do I owe you for what they did?  Nothing cause I ain’t guilty.

Moreover why are white men specifically the bad guys for the transatlantic slave trade.  I once took a West African history course from a nice liberal college campus in California.  The main thrust of that course was showing African agency, proving that Africans weren’t just victims to the white man, but people who could fight or take part in the slave trade and Imperialism as they saw fit.  Which is of course one of the dark ironies of history so often overlooked because of the Progressive Narrative.  Africans were enslaving other Africans and selling them to Europeans for their own personal gain.  Likewise Africans had sold other Africans to Islamic kingdoms for centuries before the Transatlantic slave trade, much like how various white cultures enslaved other white people.  Peoples of all nearly all races and cultures have been enslaving each other since the dawn of civilization.  This is not a white man problem, this is a human problem.  And luckily for us today, it’s a problem that has been fixed to a significant degree, because slavery is no longer recognized as an acceptable institution in most of the world.  And white men, the source of all evils or so the Progressive Narrative would have you believe, were one of the key players in fixing the problem and keeping it from coming back into style in modern times.  Don’t believe me?  Well I encourage you to look to Libya, a country where fucking open air slave markets have resurfaced since the fall of Gadaffi.  If not for decades of Western, Christian -white- hegemony in the world, we could have regressed back into the days of slave trading.  But please, tell me again how white men are the problem.

I did not say any of the things I just said because I’m a white supremacist, a racist, an Islamophobe or a Christian.  I am none of those things, though I was raised Christian and while I am not among the faithful I still hold the teachings on morality I learned growing up in very high regard.  I said what I said because those were the facts.  Facts which have been ignored and omitted in the name of pushing a narrative, which is by its very nature a fabrication.  Even when the Progressive Narrative means well it so grossly oversimplifies so many issues and refuses to reconcile facts which call it into question that it does more harm than good.  For example, “America is a deeply racist nation.”  No.  It. Fucking. ISN’T.  Are there racists in America today?  Sure.  Does America have a bad track record with racism in the past?  Sure.  Does that make America a racist country?  No.  In fact you need look no farther than last year’s President, a black man in the nation’s highest office.  For a racist country that’s all about keeping blacks down we’re doing an abysmally poor job aren’t we?  Or maybe America has progressed in the decades following the civil rights movement and we are no longer a deeply racist nation.  Yes pockets of deep racism exist but they don’t represent the larger group.

Wait a minute where have I seen that argument before?  Oh yea that’s what Progressives say whenever Islam is under attack, that the small radical minority isn’t representative of most Muslims.  Funny how racists in America aren’t given the same treatment.  Especially when one considers how much more consistently violent Islamic fundamentalists are and have been for over a thousand years.  Islam became prominent when the Arabs exploded out of Arabia and conquered huge swathes of former Persian territory, made inroads into India, rampaged across North Africa and warred with Christians in Spain.  However the Islamic cycle of conflict persisted well after the Arabs fell, their successors the Ottomans continued an Islamic campaign of violence which savaged eastern Europe for centuries before the Ottoman Empire weakened and eventually crumbled after WWI.  But even throwing the past out the window, Muslim violence in Europe is a consistent problem.  In America the Left likes to make it a point that a white man is more likely to kill you than a terrorist, which is true because white men are a majority population here and terror attacks are mercifully few.  Terror attacks over in Europe however are far more frequent, as the UK reeling from a concert bombing that happened last night can attest.

Some police sources indicate that British police are making terror related arrests on an almost daily basis despite past evidence showing that the police were reluctant to arrest certifiably guilty Muslims for fear of looking racist.  France has suffered multiple major terror attacks and countries all over Europe report skyrocketing rapes and sexual assaults, crimes which are being committed at a disproportionately high rate by Muslim immigrants and refugees.  Not that most of you would know that, because the media does a terrible job reporting it.  Why do they suck at reporting it?  Because it goes against the narrative, and that narrative is so central to the Left’s ideology that the media, of which 10% or less leans right wing, would rather report on how many scoops of ice cream Donald Trump eats at dinner than the fact that Muslim migrants have a disproportionately high tendency to be violent and rapey.

This is one of the reasons the Progressive Narrative is down right dangerous.  Progressives will allow other people to suffer the consequences of progressive policies and ideas and make no effort to address those consequences so that they can continue to push their narrative.  Another reason the narrative is dangerous can be found in the behavior of SJWs and Antifa.  Because Progressives paint their narrative’s villains, white people and more specifically white men, as so thoroughly evil, Progressive feel justified despite their demonstrably vile behavior.  By blaming white men for everything, progressive are literally being racist and sexist, despite the fact they claim to fight those things.  Of greater concern though is Antifa and other militant SJWs.  These people are violent and they suppress other people’s rights.  By law they ought to be deemed terrorists.  They destroy property, hit people on the head with bike locks, squash the free speech of others and somehow think they are still in the right and above reproach for this.  I saw a letter once, take it with a grain of salt because it’s just an internet photo, but I think it’s genuine, where an Antifa member was bitching at /pol/ the 4chan board which exposed some of them.

In the letter the Antifa member talked about how hundreds of Antifa members were going to prison, something which didn’t happen before this point.  The writer whines about how it isn’t fair because they are the good guys and they’re fighting the Nazis.  I admit that sounds so ridiculous it almost has to be fake, but we live in a time where liberals call everyone they dislike Nazis, racists, sexists etc. and will even go so far as to say thinks like milk, PB&J sandwiches and the fucking “ok” hand sign are racist… WTF?  What the actual fuck?  How does this even happen?  Oh right people get so invested in a narrative that they will do anything and everything they can to justify it, no matter how far into criminal behavior they fall or how far beyond the bounds of sanity they roam.  They will go to absurd extremes because they believe in a narrative, and believe it so strongly they make flagellants look like reasonable human beings by comparison.

To conclude, narratives and especially the Progressive Narrative are fiction.  They aren’t real.  Believing they are real is stupid and insane, and taking violent action based on them makes you a rabid pawn.  Stop it.  Any cause would be better served by looking at the facts, and striving to keep the cause a civil one.  Violence and slander will not help you, especially not when you’re so lost you take fiction for truth and shy away from anything and everything which challenges that fiction.  We can all do better than that and we should all be better than that.  Be a moral person before being an activist.  Be a critical thinker before being a zealot.  Talk to those who disagree with you like they are your equals and have wisdom of their own before you label them as beneath you and attack them in the streets.  Do. Not. Become. Devoured. By. Your. Own. Narrative.  It’s not but fantasy after all.


So Can We Talk About this Islam Thing?

Islam is not inherently evil, in fact depending on the sect it’s entirely possible that’s it’s followers can be modern, relatively secular and otherwise functional people.  That’s not the kind of Islam I’m going to talk about because Muslims from that Islam are not a problem.  Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa are.

In fairness there all kinds of violent groups in those regions, not just Muslims.  However there is a clear pattern of violence and crime among Muslims from that region, even the ones who fled it.  Over the past few days I’ve seen a lot of news about Muslims in Europe, any guesses as to what that news might be about?  Integration, peace and multiculturalism perhaps?  Of course not you progressive optimists.  It’s been terror attack after terror attack, huge surges in rapes, mutilations, beheadings, and rioting.  Now just to reiterate, this not about all Muslims, it’s about Muslims from certain regions and generally speaking fundamental Islamists.  Because these people are a fucking blight on the entire fucking world and if anyone deserves to drop dead apropos of nothing it’s these fuckers.

Yes you can call me a racist and an Islamaphobe for that, I don’t fucking care.  Another set of insults I get anyway for being Republican is hardly a trial, it doesn’t change what I’m saying, it has no bearing on the facts.  And the facts are that crime, particularly violent crime, is skyrocketing in Europe, especially in countries which opened their borders willy-nilly to Muslim immigrants.  Looks like that was a mistake now wasn’t it?  Looks like maybe this liberal dream of world where everyone is peaceful and wants multiculturalism is fucking absurd.  If you think we can all get along, especially now with ISIS fucking things up everywhere, you’re a moron.  If you think Muslims from third world countries where rape is ok, killing atheists and gays is a cause to be proud of and beheading people is usual style of execution, will suddenly wander into the West and suddenly become modern, tolerant, functional people, you are a fucking moron.

I’m half tempted to say these liberal morons, not all liberals but the ones I talked about in my last post, who quash all dissent and refuse to acknowledge anyone who thinks differently than them, are getting what they deserve- but no one deserves the kinds of things Muslims from the violent regions of the world are doing to people, and anyone, certainly any country, which defends Islam and conveniently ignores the slew of awful crimes coming from the immigrant communities should be bowing their heads in shame.  Get woke, to quote the memes, and realize that no one deserves to die or be raped so you can show the world how progressive you are.  These people might have run to West for shelter but the are not ready to conform to our ways, and so long as we have to appease them to be progressive they will not give and inch and European citizens will suffer for it.

My advice would be to push them out en masse.  It would cruel, difficult and non-progressive but when liberal “utopia’s” like Sweden become rape capitals as a direct result of welcoming thousands of Muslim immigrants, I’d say the time for being progressive has passed.  Government doesn’t exist to espouse an ideology, it’s foremost function is the protection of it’s citizens.  If a government won’t acknowledge, let alone prosecute, the crimes of Muslims to avoid appearing Islamophobic then that government should by rights be booted from power for dereliction of duty.  Not to mention paying the support for thousands of refugees, many of whom can’t or won’t get jobs in modern Western state is ruinous in the long and short term.  These people are not interested in becoming secular, modern, tolerant people.  They want the world to be Muslim.  There is plenty of evidence which demonstrates this, a plethora of interviews, polls, surveys, videos, and you know, acts of violence, which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Muslims hate non-Muslims and non-Muslim institutions.

To which I say fuck’em.  Seriously, fuck’em.  If they don’t like us and our ways they can go back to their Islamic world overrun by violence and barbarism.  We have no duty to take the refugees in, despite what liberal pundits may tell you, and we should not put up with serious increases in crime and violence in our communities.  If Muslims want to flee to our world then they need to learn to abide by our rules, if they can’t they need to go.  It’s that simple.  We don’t need them and we don’t have to save them.  That might sound harsh, and to be fair it kind of is, but it’s also realistic and lawful.  Moreover harsh words and strong principles don’t hurt like being run over by a truck do they.  Too many Muslim immigrants aren’t ready to fucking progress, they want the world to bend to their social norms and religious wishes and it’s working because too many liberals and liberal elites are willing to capitulate.  Fuck’em if they want a Muslim world they can go back to their land and bask in it’s glory.  Or they can fight for their own home, rather than cause trouble in ours.

Honestly I’m thinking Imperialism needs to come back.  Well not quite.  I do think that if we are ever going to try and fix the problem of widespread Muslim violence then we will have to do to the Middle East what we did with Japan and Germany after WWII.  We need to administer the territories and transform them into modern, functional states.  But honestly that would take a lot of time and money, so I’m ok letting that part of the world be the violent shithole it is.  The Muslims from that region can fucking keep it.  Just leave the rest of us alone.  Thank God I live a whole ocean away, if I lived nearby then I’d vote for a Trump-style wall in earnest.

Look I get it.  Reaching a place of acceptance and understanding is a fine approach to peace.  It’s civilized, rational and less likely to result in war.  But understanding is a fucking two way street and right now liberals are bending over backwards to appease people who won’t take first step down that street.  If Muslims aren’t willing to conform to our laws and our values while seeking shelter in our countries, they should go.  We can make some accommodations sure, but they have to make an effort to make accommodations to our values as well if they want to stay.  Because that’s how compromise works, that’s a process which could bring peace.  But especially these immigrants need to remember that beggars can’t be choosers.  If they don’t like our ways they can go elsewhere, and liberal leaders ought to remember that.  I guarantee that if things continue to go badly thanks to the Muslim immigrant populations in these countries then the entire West will see a surge of right wing politics.  The parties which are anti-immigration are already gaining more traction across Europe.

“But that’s discriminatory!  It’s unfair and racist!” the liberal screams.  That’s debatable.  What’s not debatable is that Muslim violence against non-Muslims in the countries which took them in is totally unfair and quite discriminatory.  These immigrants aren’t ready for the West and until they get good, to quote more memes, they don’t deserve to be here.  We should not be burdened by their costs if they create nothing but violence in their wake.

I don’t really care what Islam teaches people, be it the violence and child brides or peace and tolerance.  I’m not religious and if people want to believe something I think is backwards that’s their choice.  I care about the kind of actions Muslims take.  A lot of Muslims in the US think mocking their prophet should be a punishable offense but most of them aren’t going to get violent and demand we prosecute it.  These immigrants are already being violent.  That’s what matters, that’s why they need to go.  No country’s people and citizenry should suffer violence because of refugees who came begging to them for safety.  Those refugees should go.  Will that put many innocents and good people back in harm’s way?  Yeah.  Will it keep more of a given country’s populace safe? Also yeah.  But that’s the price Muslims pay for being violent and backwards.  I do feel sorry for the immigrants who haven’t done anything, those who are seeking to integrate.  But that’s the price all Muslims pay because such a large proportion of Muslims are violent and backwards.  These refugees are guests, here on our dime, if they can’t behave like good guests then I see no reason for us to continue being good hosts.