Hi my name is Spencer.

As a young adult, I’m already well and fucking tired of all the bullshit that has exploded over the last few years.  The media, on both sides of the aisle, is so biased, unprofessional and willing to twist its words for the sake of a good story that I feel like I can’t trust ever the news.  I’m tired of people submitting viral videos meant to stir up outrage that don’t show the whole story.  I’m tired of the clickbaiting headlines, the sudden upsurge of hate towards cops and the obsession with being PC. So this blog will be dedicated to me bitching and moaning or  blaming and roasting anyone and everyone for all kinds of reasons as I tackle a bunch of important social, political and cultural issues.  More to the point I’m going to talk with brutal honesty about problems we have in America and how idiots are causing them, perpetuating them, or exacerbating them and how they need to shut the fuck up and think before they act.  If this in-your-face, deliberately offensive style of writing is something you think I should stop doing, too bad this is what happens when honesty and I have serious conversations about serious issues.  Plus it’s a nice break from the lies, fake shit, and presentations which are deliberately edited,phrased to alter public perception of a topic.  Overall I want people to just think a bit more about important issues and not get distracted by the oversimplified crap spewing out of social networks that tries to pass itself of as real new and/or analysis.  And this is my way of making that happen.

Also if you happen to get the reference the blog is named after, I have another blog that might better suit your tastes.  It can be found here.