Death to Islam! Why Islam needs a Reformation

Fuck Islam.  Islam is the worst religion on planet Earth no matter how many liberal apologists claim it’s a religion of peace or how Mohammad was the first feminist or environmental activist.  They are full of shit because Islam is, to a far greater degree than any other religion in the modern world, a religion of violence.

This goes beyond terrorism which admittedly is carried out by a small percentage of Muslims.  This is about cultural and religious attitudes that allow many Muslims to think it’s ok to behave like absolute monsters to non-Muslims, hell even to other Muslims that they disagree with.  Unlike Christianity, or Buddhism or Hinduism, Islam is a supremacist religion.  Many Muslims believe that because they are Muslims they are better than non-Muslims and that means it’s ok to be demonstrably evil and bestial when dealing with non-Muslims – though again the same kind of behavior is often applied to Muslims of other sects because Islam is a religion of conflict like no other.

Seriously can you think of a religion with as long and storied a history of violence as Islam?  Because I can’t.  What about the Crusades you say?  Yeah that was a series of wars covering a couple centuries, Muslims were constantly conquering peoples in North Africa, the Middle East, India, and multiple areas in Europe (Balkans and Spain) for roughly 1000 straight years.  Muslim expansion only stopped because the Turks, who were the last great standard bearer of Muslim expansion finally slowed down and weakened while Europe industrialized and started throwing it’s weight around.  And thank God they did because they went on to spread industrialization and Christian values around the globe and Christianity is an objectively better religion than Islam.

I say this as an atheist by the way, I’m not a fervent believer in Christ.  I do however have a deep appreciation for the moral values which Christianity teaches because they are good values and they don’t produce widespread violence, terrorism or persecution of the non-believer.  Islam does all these things.  In fact Christians often persevere in spreading their religion and values, in the non-Western world, in the face of those things.  And my heart goes out to them, they are doing good work because Christian values are good values.  The last time Christians fought each other over religion was 1600 and 1700’s, religious persecution is a thing of the past.  By comparison Islamic religious persecution, of both non-Muslims and Muslims of different sects, continues with alarming regularity.

Think for a minute about Muslim terrorism.  About how many terrorist groups are there and how widespread they are.  In Syria and Iraq we have ISIS, in Palestine we have Hezbollah, in Afghanistan we have the Taliban, elsewhere in the Middle East we have Al-Nusra and Al-Quaida, in Indonesia we have the Tamil Tigers, in West Africa there’s Boko Haram.  Those are all the ones I can remember OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD – imagine how many more there actually are.  By comparison I knew of no active Christian terrorist groups until someone pointed me towards the Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa – which is a continent so rife with violence that I suspect the LRA is born more of the nature of its surroundings than religious extremism.  So far that’s a 7 to 1 difference between Islam and Christianity with regards to terror groups – and if gave the Islam the same treatment and actually looked up terror groups I’ve no doubt that difference would widen considerably.

But like I said above this isn’t just about terrorism though.  This is about grooming gangs, gang rapes, the mass sexual assault in Cologne, the skyrocketing rate of sex crimes in Europe coming disproportionately from Muslim immigrants and migrants, the disproportionate amount of crime in general coming from Muslims in Europe, Middle Eastern tribal courts which often ascribe revenge rape on a women as a punishment for their husband’s or borthers’ crimes, honor killings (where Muslim families can and do kill their OWN CHILDREN for not being good enough Muslims), the execution of gays, the stoning of adulterers, the serious oppression of Muslim women, the persecution of non-Muslims including local ethnic groups like the Kurds, the deeply ingrained anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu attitudes of Islam and the violence that results because of it – the list of problems with Islam goes on and on and on and on.

If there was ever a case to be made that we should suppress or ban a religion then Islam is the prime example.  It is the worst religion known to man.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Islam is not all violence and evil it has plenty of good message mixed in the bad.  What Islam needs is its own Reformation, it needs to adapt to the modern world and do away with all notions of Islamic supremacy.  What moderate, modern Muslims need – and to an extent what the world needs as the world would benefit from it – is to reform Islam.  It needs to brought out of the Dark Ages when it was formed and be reforged for the modern era.  It needs to – to the best of it’s ability anyway – actually become the religion of peace so many apologists claim it is.  This will not end Islamic violence, certainly not in the short term and maybe never given how awful some strands of Islam are.  But it would be a step in the right direction and it might give young Muslims who are unsure of their faith and what to do somewhere less violent to turn to, and in the long term a Reformation would bring about a serious reduction in Muslim violence.

Imagine if instead of banding together to defend Islam whenever a Muslim is caught being a monster, the wider Muslim community openly reviled the bastard and called for him (because let’s face it Islamic men are the main problem) to face justice instead of apologizing for Islam and crying Islamophobia.  Imagine if cops could do their jobs properly and crack down on criminal Muslims without the fear of being labeled racists by lots of people.  That would be a better world and it’s one everyone – besides the piece of shit Muslims who are the problem I’ve been discussing this entire time – would benefit from.  Fuck Islam as it currently exists – the world needs an updated version and Muslims have to bring about this change.  In the mean time I say it’s time we stop worrying about being called racists and Islamophobes  and come down on criminal Muslims like a ton of bricks because who the fuck cares what Progressives call you – they toss out terrible insults like it’s cheap coin and as result these insults mean nothing.  Hell these days the people being called Nazis are often BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING PEOPLE than the ones calling them Nazis.  What a world we live in right?


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