CNN Must Pay for It’s Crimes

Well done guys, I salute you for revealing your true colors.  I am still barely able to believe this is real.  10 years ago if you’d told me this would happen I would’ve filed you under the category of lizard-people conspiracy theorists.  I’ve not had much faith in the media for the last 10 years but I didn’t think they’d ever stoop this fucking low.

In case you aren’t aware CNN found the Redditer who created the GIF of Trump beating a guy with a CNN logo on his head into submission which apparently someone else added sound to – and more importantly which Trump tweeted.  When CNN threw a little hissy-fit about being attacked by The Donald I shrugged and thought “you pathetic pieces of shit.”  You attack the man for over a year straight and he tweets out a meme – a fucking 30 second meme, the most insignificant thing in the entire fucking world by any reasonable standard – and you feel attacked.  Let me let you in on a secret CNN: Even as someone who distrusts and in many cases hates the media that meme didn’t make me want to attack you… it made me chuckle for a few seconds before I got back to work.  But I thought the story would end there.  CNN gets butthurt about a meme despite slandering the President endlessly like the weak-ass hypocrites they are and that’s that.  But no – CNN wasn’t about to let this meme go.  On the 4th of July, our Independence day celebration, CNN tracked down the Redditer who made the GIF and threatened to doxx him – outing his information to the public and more importantly to the crazy Far Left loons who would totally attack this person.

At the time of this writing the Redditer’s information has not been released but CNN “reserves the right” to release his information if he posts anything offensive again -which is by any definition FUCKING BLACKMAIL!!!  This after they already extorted an apology from this poor guy.  As a side note there are conflict reports as to the age of the Redditer but the most credible reported age is  around 40.  Let that sink in for a minute.  One of the biggest new networks in America just blackmailed a man, who probably has a fucking FAMILY, over a goddamn meme.  This from a network which thinks memes are hurtful – these same pathetic assholes think it’s ok to blackmail a kid making a fucking joke.  This is unacceptable and CNN should be held to account for this crime – not to mention the violation of the principles this nation holds dear.

As you might imagine the internet did not take this lying down.  The Redditer may have been forced to apologize but CNN action’s has seen the internet explode with anti-CNN memes and GIFs – this is called the Streisand effect, any attempt to silence criticism will only amplify it.  Twitter has hours worth of posts condemning CNN and it’s still going as I type this.  CNN of course denies the allegations of blackmail saying the “right to release” line was included for transparency’s sake – an effort to show CNN didn’t make any deals with the Redditer and didn’t force an apology out of him.  Given that the Redditer apologized and deleted his account I doubt CNN is telling the truth – and given that’s CN-fucking-N which was going on about a fake Russian conspiracy farce for months I believe wholeheartedly that CNN is lying through their teeth.   Even in the off chance – i.e. the almost non-existent chance CNN is telling the truth (lol) – it’s still a bad look and has earned the network the ire of all kinds of Americans from anti-Trump liberals to the founder of fucking Wikileaks.

Moreover there are archived screenshots of CNN personnel asking if they should doxx the Redditer because he had a lot of “offensive” posts on his profile.   And again the way the CNN is phrased the whole affair is that they found a lot of offensive shit, the Redditer apologized but CNN has the right to reveal his information if he misbehaves again… In the wake of all of this, when major new networks are seriously blackmailing citizens –  minor or not – over a meme, A FUCKING MEME, it’s time for the Left to ask itself some hard questions.  And there’s no doubt the Left has to ask the questions because the media is overwhelmingly Left and of course plenty of Leftists are defending CNN because… why?  This is not a partisan issue.  This is a major news network threatening a citizen over a meme – if anything should unite the people of America it should be this, a giant corporation attacking a random dude over a joke.

But nope, not in America 2017 –  here everything is partisan.  Fuck off, there should be principles that all Americans can agree on – like don’t threaten to doxx people over memes.  CNN’s behavior is unacceptable I sincerely hope it takes yet another hit – after firing the three Russia conspiracy hacks – and maybe, just maybe sits down and does some self-reflection.  The Left has done nothing but insult or block out all of it’s critics for a year and a half  at minimum but suddenly thinks it’s ok to blackmail people who insult it.  And to be honest CNN it wasn’t even much of an insult – it was an apt metaphor for what happened after the Russia conspiracy fallout.  I’m guessing that stung – it struck a nerve – and you felt compelled to shoot back.  I understand the feeling, but you don’t get to blackmail people over memes.  Frankly you don’t get to blackmail anyone over anything.  But going back to the double standard laid out above – this can’t continue Left America.  You can’t throw endless insults and not be able to take a few in return – let alone respond with criminal or borderline criminal behavior.

And it’s catching up to you.  Whether it’s violent Antifa fucks now being met violence and getting fucking pwned in the Battle of Berkeley or CNN getting trashed with the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter being #CNNBlackmail for 12 straight hours and multiple people threatening to doxx CNN staff in retaliation – the rest of us, be we Right wing or more moderate, sensible liberals are tired of trying to be reasonable in the face of your insanity and blatant double standards.  You wanted to start a culture war and you like to say you’ve already won it – but you seem to be continuing the war anyway and you will be destroyed just like CNN will pay for what they did on the 4th.  Fuck CNN it needs to die in a fire and be replaced with real journalism.  It’s time to grow up, learn to take a joke, and think – seriously think – about the consequences of your actions.  You might think it’s bad now but keep it up and I guarantee that the kid gloves most of us are wearing will come off.


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