So Can We Talk About this Islam Thing?

Islam is not inherently evil, in fact depending on the sect it’s entirely possible that’s it’s followers can be modern, relatively secular and otherwise functional people.  That’s not the kind of Islam I’m going to talk about because Muslims from that Islam are not a problem.  Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa are.

In fairness there all kinds of violent groups in those regions, not just Muslims.  However there is a clear pattern of violence and crime among Muslims from that region, even the ones who fled it.  Over the past few days I’ve seen a lot of news about Muslims in Europe, any guesses as to what that news might be about?  Integration, peace and multiculturalism perhaps?  Of course not you progressive optimists.  It’s been terror attack after terror attack, huge surges in rapes, mutilations, beheadings, and rioting.  Now just to reiterate, this not about all Muslims, it’s about Muslims from certain regions and generally speaking fundamental Islamists.  Because these people are a fucking blight on the entire fucking world and if anyone deserves to drop dead apropos of nothing it’s these fuckers.

Yes you can call me a racist and an Islamaphobe for that, I don’t fucking care.  Another set of insults I get anyway for being Republican is hardly a trial, it doesn’t change what I’m saying, it has no bearing on the facts.  And the facts are that crime, particularly violent crime, is skyrocketing in Europe, especially in countries which opened their borders willy-nilly to Muslim immigrants.  Looks like that was a mistake now wasn’t it?  Looks like maybe this liberal dream of world where everyone is peaceful and wants multiculturalism is fucking absurd.  If you think we can all get along, especially now with ISIS fucking things up everywhere, you’re a moron.  If you think Muslims from third world countries where rape is ok, killing atheists and gays is a cause to be proud of and beheading people is usual style of execution, will suddenly wander into the West and suddenly become modern, tolerant, functional people, you are a fucking moron.

I’m half tempted to say these liberal morons, not all liberals but the ones I talked about in my last post, who quash all dissent and refuse to acknowledge anyone who thinks differently than them, are getting what they deserve- but no one deserves the kinds of things Muslims from the violent regions of the world are doing to people, and anyone, certainly any country, which defends Islam and conveniently ignores the slew of awful crimes coming from the immigrant communities should be bowing their heads in shame.  Get woke, to quote the memes, and realize that no one deserves to die or be raped so you can show the world how progressive you are.  These people might have run to West for shelter but the are not ready to conform to our ways, and so long as we have to appease them to be progressive they will not give and inch and European citizens will suffer for it.

My advice would be to push them out en masse.  It would cruel, difficult and non-progressive but when liberal “utopia’s” like Sweden become rape capitals as a direct result of welcoming thousands of Muslim immigrants, I’d say the time for being progressive has passed.  Government doesn’t exist to espouse an ideology, it’s foremost function is the protection of it’s citizens.  If a government won’t acknowledge, let alone prosecute, the crimes of Muslims to avoid appearing Islamophobic then that government should by rights be booted from power for dereliction of duty.  Not to mention paying the support for thousands of refugees, many of whom can’t or won’t get jobs in modern Western state is ruinous in the long and short term.  These people are not interested in becoming secular, modern, tolerant people.  They want the world to be Muslim.  There is plenty of evidence which demonstrates this, a plethora of interviews, polls, surveys, videos, and you know, acts of violence, which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Muslims hate non-Muslims and non-Muslim institutions.

To which I say fuck’em.  Seriously, fuck’em.  If they don’t like us and our ways they can go back to their Islamic world overrun by violence and barbarism.  We have no duty to take the refugees in, despite what liberal pundits may tell you, and we should not put up with serious increases in crime and violence in our communities.  If Muslims want to flee to our world then they need to learn to abide by our rules, if they can’t they need to go.  It’s that simple.  We don’t need them and we don’t have to save them.  That might sound harsh, and to be fair it kind of is, but it’s also realistic and lawful.  Moreover harsh words and strong principles don’t hurt like being run over by a truck do they.  Too many Muslim immigrants aren’t ready to fucking progress, they want the world to bend to their social norms and religious wishes and it’s working because too many liberals and liberal elites are willing to capitulate.  Fuck’em if they want a Muslim world they can go back to their land and bask in it’s glory.  Or they can fight for their own home, rather than cause trouble in ours.

Honestly I’m thinking Imperialism needs to come back.  Well not quite.  I do think that if we are ever going to try and fix the problem of widespread Muslim violence then we will have to do to the Middle East what we did with Japan and Germany after WWII.  We need to administer the territories and transform them into modern, functional states.  But honestly that would take a lot of time and money, so I’m ok letting that part of the world be the violent shithole it is.  The Muslims from that region can fucking keep it.  Just leave the rest of us alone.  Thank God I live a whole ocean away, if I lived nearby then I’d vote for a Trump-style wall in earnest.

Look I get it.  Reaching a place of acceptance and understanding is a fine approach to peace.  It’s civilized, rational and less likely to result in war.  But understanding is a fucking two way street and right now liberals are bending over backwards to appease people who won’t take first step down that street.  If Muslims aren’t willing to conform to our laws and our values while seeking shelter in our countries, they should go.  We can make some accommodations sure, but they have to make an effort to make accommodations to our values as well if they want to stay.  Because that’s how compromise works, that’s a process which could bring peace.  But especially these immigrants need to remember that beggars can’t be choosers.  If they don’t like our ways they can go elsewhere, and liberal leaders ought to remember that.  I guarantee that if things continue to go badly thanks to the Muslim immigrant populations in these countries then the entire West will see a surge of right wing politics.  The parties which are anti-immigration are already gaining more traction across Europe.

“But that’s discriminatory!  It’s unfair and racist!” the liberal screams.  That’s debatable.  What’s not debatable is that Muslim violence against non-Muslims in the countries which took them in is totally unfair and quite discriminatory.  These immigrants aren’t ready for the West and until they get good, to quote more memes, they don’t deserve to be here.  We should not be burdened by their costs if they create nothing but violence in their wake.

I don’t really care what Islam teaches people, be it the violence and child brides or peace and tolerance.  I’m not religious and if people want to believe something I think is backwards that’s their choice.  I care about the kind of actions Muslims take.  A lot of Muslims in the US think mocking their prophet should be a punishable offense but most of them aren’t going to get violent and demand we prosecute it.  These immigrants are already being violent.  That’s what matters, that’s why they need to go.  No country’s people and citizenry should suffer violence because of refugees who came begging to them for safety.  Those refugees should go.  Will that put many innocents and good people back in harm’s way?  Yeah.  Will it keep more of a given country’s populace safe? Also yeah.  But that’s the price Muslims pay for being violent and backwards.  I do feel sorry for the immigrants who haven’t done anything, those who are seeking to integrate.  But that’s the price all Muslims pay because such a large proportion of Muslims are violent and backwards.  These refugees are guests, here on our dime, if they can’t behave like good guests then I see no reason for us to continue being good hosts.


5 thoughts on “So Can We Talk About this Islam Thing?

  1. Do you think America would be safe by keeping refugees out? Okay. That’s 19% of the terrorists committed acts in the US. Then what? What about the American born 81%? How do you deal with the majority of terrorists in America? I try to find the logic here. It appears as the refugees are scaring Americans more than terrorism. Statistically. I live in Sweden and we had two attacks. Not enough for making good statistics but far more than any country should suffer. And, if you know, what happens with the ones returning on their American passports from participating in terror acts?


    • You’ve only had two attacks. But the overall crime rate and especially the rate of rapes has spiked dramatically. The reason I’m focusing on the refugees is because terrorism is not the only or even necessarily my primary concern. The problem with that group specifically is that more so than homegrown terrorists they commit acts of violence, not necessarily terrorism but violence nonetheless, on a regular basis and over a wider area. Terrorists tend to hit once and then die, which is tragic for the victims but a terror attack or two doesn’t turn a country into the rape capital of it’s region, the refugees are doing that. I think terrorism is hard to fight because all it takes is convincing a dumbass that they don’t need empathy for other people and that they’ll be rewarded for killing people. But outside of rare occasions, like 9/11, the damage caused by terror attacks is limited in scope. Thousands of refugees who reject Western values and refuse to integrate with or you know, obey the laws of, the country that took them in, cause damage on much larger scale even if their “attacks” aren’t as eye catching or lethal. So I’d rather focus, in the short term at least, on these refugees, they are a far more serious problem. It’s not even that they’re a problem for the US, like I said in the post we’ve got an ocean between us, they’re a problem for all of the West. Does that answer your questions?


      • The problems we have in Sweden doesn’t come from refugees. We have a problem in some areas with second or third generation immigrants. In what you probably would call project areas. Gang-style thugs. You might have seen riot pics from that. However, the refugees doesn’t put up any problems. We teach about Swedish law, and how to follow it. They can’t afford break the law unless they wish to go back. As for the rapes – it’s a myth. For some silly reason we don’t have rape-statistics. We have sexual crimes that includes everything from rape to harassment. Therefore we have the highest rate, probably in the world. The crime on the rise here is internet-fraud. Thanks for responding to my thought! 🙂


      • Thank you for being respectful, but you are demonstrably wrong. You can go through your own news and see all the headlines about the rapes, about genital mutilation, about how some immigrant ghettos have become so violent certain government services consider them no-go zones. And it’s not just Sweden, the same kinds of headlines are popping up across multiple countries, most notably France, which like Sweden took in a lot of refugees. And they can afford to break the law, because thanks to widespread Islam apologia and the fear of being labeled as a racist or an Islamophobe, people will ignore and excuse these crimes. Moreover it’s not just “internet fraud” I’ve heard from other Swedes, people with as much credibility as you, who confirm what I’ve been saying.


      • According to the Swedish police there are no no-go zones. But I’m aware of the propaganda being put out by our neo nazis. Don’t believe everything you read. Certain media delivers stories like the ones you tell. But never mind. It’s over. No one comes here anymore. Refugees are in camps in Syria and Middle East. France is a different thing. Another league. Germany as well. Lots of borders, no control. Here we have a fair vetting. And that might be the cause we are spared the terror activities.


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