The Intolerance of Radical Tolerants

Let’s start this post by laying out everything I think about tolerance and proponents of tolerance before I start ranting.  There is nothing wrong with desiring or pushing for more tolerance.  In fact, on its own in a contextless vacuum, the promotion of tolerance for all different types of people is a good thing, a noble ideal if you will.  Therefore I have no bone to pick with tolerance in particular, though I admit I cannot stand the way many Tolerants (proponents of tolerance) are trying to stop the use of certain words because word choice is an important part of personal expression in writing, speaking and art.  Also I really like being to say something how I want to say it, I feel no need to tone my language down if I want to make a point.  But I digress.  My main issue with tolerance and Tolerants, is not with the ideals but with the execution.  Now to be fair some Tolerants are extremely respectful, dedicated and all around great people, and absolutely none of the criticisms of Tolerants I’m about to write are directed at them.  I take issue with what I call Radical Tolerants, idiots who are so concerned that everything should be tolerant that they refuse to accept any other point of view.  The weight of the irony of the hypocrisy of this group of morons is so heavy it is literally crushing popular culture and societal interaction.

Let’s start with a simple and innocent example.  Recently the movie Peanuts came out, bringing Charlie Brown and friends to the big screen.  The movie was inexplicably slammed by some Radical Tolerants, who went so far as to make a CharlieisRacist hashtag on Twitter, because Charlie was in love with a white girl not a black girl.  If you’re rolling your eyes you are having the appropriate reaction.  Let’s do some basic exposition.  Peanuts was written in the 1950’s back when interracial relationships were extremely frowned upon.  In 70’s Peanuts included its first black character following the success of the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s.  And Charlie Brown has loved the same red-haired white girl since the 50’s.  Now let’s get to the shit storm.  First and foremost there is NOTHING wrong or even remotely racist with a relationship between two white people.  There is NOTHING wrong with a heterosexual relationship, white, interracial or otherwise.  And there is certainly NOTHING wrong with a cartoon from the 50’s depicting relationships considered normal in the 50’s.  So Charlie Brown is not only not a racist, he is the one facing unfair repression by bigots.  Yes you read that correctly, Radical Tolerants are bigots.  Typically the term bigot is associated with people who are racist or unwilling to be tolerant and progressive, however it applies to Radical Tolerants too.  Because in their quest to make sure everything in the world is tolerant and sensitive to other people, they attack and reject any portrayal or viewpoint of anything that fails to live up to their vision of tolerance.  In other words, the Radical Tolerants are just as intolerant as the fucking KKK, they just represent the progressive end of the social spectrum.  Actually if you think about it, the Radical Tolerants are worse than the KKK, at least the KKK has the decency to practice its intolerance in relative secrecy and not demand that the entire world be racist with them.  Which brings me to my next point.

Radical Tolerants are doing more to propagate racism than actual racists.  Now in case I haven’t made this clear, I do not think of myself as a racist (and it will take a lot of work to convince me I am) nor do I support racism.  However I can’t help but notice that most racists keep their racism to themselves or in private spaces (please keep in mind this was written before Trump was sure to win the Republican nominee and many racists came out of the woodwork).  This does not in any way make them good people, but they aren’t spreading their intolerance in massive sweeping strides because they know they would get ostracized for it.  Now there are exceptions of course, like the Westboro Baptist Church, another group I wholeheartedly hate, but these exceptions are relatively few and far between.  Which is what makes the Radical Tolerants so fucking irritating.  The Radical Tolerants believe they are in the right morally speaking, and to be fair their views are more socially acceptable than actual racism.  This means none of them are afraid of spouting some of the most ridiculous nonsense, in the name of their cause, because they have quite a bit of mainstream support.  This really becomes an issue when these idiots make every conversation one about race.  Now I’m not opposed to conversations about race, but I think the overwhelming majority of these conversations should be handled in private and should be focused on helping people understand the all the ways race can separate us.  What Tolerants should be doing is convincing their friends and neighbors to be more understanding and tolerant, thereby allowing it to spread gradually.  But asking all of America to do it at all once is fucking retarded.  Instead by making every fucking event a race issue, the Radical Tolerants are deepening the divide between different races.  It’s kind of like Black History Month.  Objectively Black History Month is a political concession given to black people for all the terrible things white people did to them.  It might seem like a nice gesture, but really it just exacerbates the problem, further drawing attention to the divide between blacks and whites.  What should have been done was this:  Rather than draw attention to the division between whites and blacks by making Black History Month, they should have given black history more prominence in school.  They should have put extra effort into teaching history from the perspectives of both whites and blacks, and shown black agency in history to bring everyone onto a more level playing field.  Nope instead we have history sometimes called The White Man’s story (at least here in America) and Black History Month aka that time where we give some recognition to blacks separate from “normal” history.  Radical Tolerants do the same thing, they exacerbate the problem they are trying to solve because they refuse to view both sides equally and instead highlight their differences.

Now there’s nothing wrong per se with drawing attention to inequality.  After all the Civil Rights Movement only gained approval after “separate but equal” segregation policies proved to be wildly unequal.  The problem starts when rather than finding real instances of inequality, Radical Tolerants make everything about inequality.  Let’s go back to Charlie Brown.  As I discussed above, nothing about the Peanuts movie and Charlie’s decision to love a white girl is racist or intolerant.  Yet the Radical Intolerants believe he should be going after a girl of color.  This is where I start to get real fucking pissed.  If Tolerants asked why a new cartoon, as in one coming out in 2015, didn’t have an interracial relationship, I would still think they are being overly sensitive but I wouldn’t be mad at them. It is ok to demand that modern stories be more representative of a modern world and modern sensibilities, that is both reasonable and in keeping with the noble cause of tolerance.  I don’t think you should force anyone to change their story if you don’t find it tolerant enough, because that is being intolerant yourself, but asking for modern people to consider showcasing tolerance in their new stories is a worthwhile pursuit.  But then we get to Charlie Brown.  These fucking morons are demanding that a cartoon from the 50’s be remade to reflect modernity.  There two major reasons why this pisses me off.  One it’s stupid as fuck to demand a 50’s story showcase the world and sensibilities of 2015.  Two, nothing should be censored so these sensitive Radical Tolerants can feel comfortable.  Peanuts is the author’s story, not ours.  He should not have his stories censored and changed so someone else can feel comfortable, especially when you consider that he’s dead.  If we censor away all other points of view then what kind of tolerance do we have?  A false one, a fake little world that showcases it’s inclusivity by seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil but never actually doing any good.

With regards to art and censorship, Radical Tolerants, who again are fucking morons, need to understand that any piece of art is something that belongs to the artist, not to them.  They can question the artist as to why he or she didn’t make their art more inclusive, but they should not lambaste the artist for their decision let alone demand that their art be changed to suit the “tolerant” sensibilities.  There’s a guy on Youtube called Jim Sterling, and I think he put it best.  In an episode where he covered Grand Theft Auto’s decision to have 3 male protagonists and no female protagonists, he said some to the effect of: Artists should not be forced to include characters they are not interested in writing, and forcing artists to cynically include a character in a story that the artist doesn’t want to make won’t be good for anyone.  If these Radical Tolerants are so eager to see stories that deal with characters of differing races, religions and sexual orientations they should go out and fucking make them, or sponsor the people who are making such stories.  There are such options in this world, but no these dipshits won’t pursue them because that involves actual effort and thought, instead they will demand that everyone else change all their stories to suit the Radical Tolerants’ tastes like spoilt children demanding that they get to use that one toy in day care.  It’s fucking pathetic to see adults, adults who see themselves as the moral superiors of the country no less, acting like the most selfish and undignified of children.  Let me be loud and clear:  Tolerance means being accepting of everyone, you don’t have to like people who write stories where white boys fall in love with white girls, but you have to accept them and their work as valid.  To do otherwise is to be just another type of intolerant bigot, one so deluded in their quest for tolerance that they can’t even see their own bigotry.


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